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Lionel Cowin

The author: Lionel Cowin

The words and images contained in this website were originally intended to form a book.

Sadly, I have been unable to find sufficient financial support to enable me to achieve my objective. That said, Culture Vannin has been very supportive and has provided sufficient funds to enable me to produce a website.

I would still like to produce a book, which will cost in the region of £2,500 - £3,000, and would welcome contributions to cover the cost – all of which would be acknowledged here and in the book.

Lionel Cowin

Comments welcomed

Please feel free to submit your comments and opinions about the content.

Hopefully I have covered all the bases but would welcome additional details and images, which could be included on the site.

It’s my intent to cover the 2018 Games on the Gold Coast of Australia and subsequent events.

I can be contacted at

A big thank you to . . .

My wife, Jean, for her patience and loyalty, John Watterson, sports editor at IoM Newspapers, Andy Dalrymple and Dave Norton, John’s right hand men, Dr Frank Vaughan, Richard Parslow, Richard Allen, Murray Lambden, the Claque Family and Culture Vannin.

Many others have willingly made contributions when requested to do so, among them Dave Newton, Ian Hodgkinson, Peter Callow, David Moore and Ruth Cooil.

It is disappointing not to have, as yet, produced a book, as I promised so many who collaborated with me I was intending to do. My apologies . . .

However, I trust this website will help to fill a void in the sporting history of the Isle of Man in general and the Commonwealth Games in particular.

About me

I was a nearly man when it came to sport. I enjoyed what I did but there were few successes and little to write home about. However, I readily indentified with those who blazed a trail both on and, more importantly, off the Island.

The start of my cycling career coincided with Stuart Slack winning the bronze medal in the 1958 Commonwealth Games cycling road race, and since that time, mostly as a newspaperman, I have followed the IoM’s participation in the subsequent Games with great interest.

I was particularly proud to have managed the 1986 Games cycling team in Scotland and made many contributions to assist team members and the team in general when in foreign parts while undertaking my reporting duties. I also enjoyed being a member of the CG Council for a number of years.

I made a legion of friends, one or two of whom gave up their time (not to mention their holidays), to also help the team, a particular stand-out being Bob Farley of Australia, whose connection is recalled on this site.

The Games have provided a wonderful opportunity for more than 200 local sports men and women to experience competition at a very high level and they have also acted as a springboard for some who have gone on to even higher goals.